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Red River Classic Results:
17-Black 1st Silver Bracket
16-Elite 5th Gold Bracket
15-Elite 5th Gold Bracket
14-Elite 5th Gold Bracket
13-Pink 2nd Bronze Bracket
13-White 1st Silver Bracket

Thursday April 1 @LHS PE GYM:
7-8:30pm WC-13 Pink

April Tournament Schedule:

April 5-6: King of the Jungle
Tournament Info @www.instinctvbc.com
Teams Traveling
15-Black and 14-Pink

April 5: Arlington Classic
Tournament Info: @www.lonestarvolleyball.net
Teams Traveling:
12-Elite    12-Black 12-Sabine
13-Black  13-Pink   13-White

April 6: April Fool's Ball
Tournament Info @www.lonestarvolleyball.net
Teams Traveling:
WC-12 Pink   WC-12 White  WC-12 Sabine

April 19: Easter Classic
Tournament Info @www.assaultvb.com
Teams Traveling:
WC-15 Black   WC-14 Competition
WC-17 Black

March 22: March Mania
Tournament Info @www.eteamz.com/dallasstarlings
Teams Traveling:
WC-12 Competition
WC-12 Marshall
WC-12 Bullard
WC-14 Competiton

March 29-30: Red River Classic
Tournament Info @www.summitvolleyball.com
Teams Traveling:
12-Bullard, 12-Sabine, 12-Comp
12-Pink, 12-White, 13-White
14-Elite, 14-Black, 14-Pink
15-Elite, 15-Black, 16-Black
16-Elite, 17-Black

Congrats to Wrecking Crew 2013 Seniors:
A'kia Mumphrey-Huston Tillotson University
Jessie Jacoby-Henderson State University
Jonae Thompson-Dallas Christian College

WC-13 White 1st Place Silver Bracket @Premier Showdown