Leon Edwards once got serious about his mom's response to seeing her child getting shaken by Nate Diaz in the last round of their session at UFC 263.

Edwards went facing Diaz in a five-round welterweight challenge in June 2021, and the Brit overwhelmed the Stockton slugger for the vast majority of the session.

Given Diaz's unbelievable cardio and tank-like sturdiness, it's nothing unexpected that in spite of being pieced up for four adjusts, the previous lightweight title challenger figured out how to stagger Edwards with a decisive left hand in the fifth round.

Rather than gaining by his adversary's weakness at that point, Diaz decided to point and sneer at Edwards.

True to form, Nate Diaz's late hostile assault and his subsequent activities turned into the fundamental arguments after the battle.

While the MMA people group saw it as an engaging second, the equivalent couldn't be said for Edwards' mom.